fast, feast, repeat &

get lean

Drop Fat and Still Build Muscle With
the Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting

It’s Not JUST What You Eat.
It’s WHEN You Eat.

Intermittent fasting (IF) helps you lose weight without the hang-ups of typical diets (which don’t work):

You don’t have to count calories, cut carbs, or stick to certain foods.

What matters most is not what you eat, but when — and when it’s meal time, you can eat what you love until you’re full and satisfied.

the IF Factor:

Fasting shifts your body from burning sugar to incinerating fat, which boosts your potential to lose weight. It’s simple to get started and quickly make IF part of your lifestyle to help you:

  • Maximize fat burn
  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Reduce inflammation

No matter your schedule, eating habits, or workout routine, we’ll show you how in The Men’s Health Guide to Intermittent Fasting.

no hassles. just hacks & helpful tips

  • Master the switch to a fasting lifestyle
  • Learn the macro breakdown to stay full all day
  • Discover what will - and won’t - break your fast
  • Maximize your workouts while fasting
  • Break your late-night snacking habit for good
  • And so much more!
Plus, expert-approved meal ideas to fuel your weight-loss and workout goals. No more feeling deprived during dinner or filling up on nothing but bacon for breakfast. Want more of your favorite foods? Enjoy them. When you’re following a simple IF schedule, meals become feasts because WHEN YOU EAT, YOU REALLY EAT.

get 40+ EASY,


Got questions?
We’ve Got You Covered!

You’ll learn all the secrets to success:

  • How to fast and still get your drink on!
  • What to do when you slip — it’s not a big deal!
  • The best time to exercise and amp up your results!

Plus, the secrets to help you switch to Intermittent Fasting smoothly, feast until you’re full, and never get hangry ... in the definitive guide from Men’s Health.

Intermittent Fasting Cover

what you get

Everything you need to know to start fasting and start dropping pounds right now, plus:

  • 40+ delicious brunch, dinner, and bonus keto recipes
  • The daily macro breakdown you need to stay full and build muscle
  • Tips for choosing the right fasting schedule and making it work for you

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