Radically Transform Your Body
With One Kettlebell


Incinerate Fat and Calories
Chisel Your Arms, Back, and Legs
Train Harder Without Joint Pain
One kettlebell can do
everything dumbbells can do…
plus a whole lot more.
That’s why Men’s Health partnered with kettlebell expert Eric Leija to bring you KETTLEHELL.
These absolutely brutal workouts will have you swimming in a pool of your own sweat.

How it Works

Burn more fat with metabolic circuits that build muscle and slay fat simultaneously.

Add size to your arms, abs, and legs at once with compound exercises that get 2X as much done in a shorter amount of time.

Generate extreme power and athleticism to crush your buddies on the field or court.

Exercise pain-free with mobility-infused exercises that protect your knees, back, and shoulders while still contributing to big gains.

Strengthen your weakest muscles. When you switch from dumbbells to a kettlebell, your body will be forced to stimulate new muscle groups.

Eric Leija specializes in kettlebell training courses with his unique style that fuses challenging exercises with functional movements that are great for your body. He’s an Onnit Academy Senior Kettlebell Coach in Austin, Texas and he’s ready to kick your ass into shape.
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Never used a kettlebell?
No problem.

You'll master three foundational kettlebell movements that are fundamental to your new body.
One brutal program. Two ways to get ripped. Get the DVD or download the app.


Includes six 20-minute workouts, plus a training guide that includes:

  • A weekly workout schedule
  • Details on how to master key kettlebell moves
  • Tips for modifying the program to meet your goals
  • Everything you need to know to get started


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  • Access to an ever-growing library of workout programs from Men’s Health top trainers, plus other top fitness brands.
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