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Dozens of Health Hacks at Your Fingertips

What’s the first thing you do when a nasty symptom develops? If you’re like many people, you turn to the Internet. But that’s dicey, isn’t it? You never know who or what to trust.

There’s a better way!

The Doctors Book of Natural Healing Remedies pairs the immediacy of the Internet with the credibility of Trusted Natural Healing Experts!

With this comprehensive volume, you will always have powerful natural solutions nearby so you can:

  • Ease nagging headaches by drinking one expert’s favorite morning elixir!
  • The simple yoga pose that can alleviate back and neck pain — no gym required!
  • Eat this for breakfast and crush cravings for sweets all day long!
  • Control type 2 diabetes with pasta!
  • Lower your blood sugar fast with the simple ingredient found in your spice rack!
  • This bedtime trick helps ease the intense side effects of hot flashes!
  • Sleep better than you have in years when you drink this delicious juice twice a day!
  • Finally, relieve constipation! Just take two tablespoons of this common baking ingredient before bed!
  • Fight off colds and flu with a make-it-yourself syrup!

Plus hundreds of additional natural hacks!

Over 120 Conditions — Solved!

Prevention’s team of health writers asked more than 200 natural medicine experts about their go-to health hacks. The writers uncovered hundreds of natural remedies for diabetes, hot flashes, high cholesterol, insomnia, chronic pain and 123 other conditions!

But they didn’t stop there. They ran everything they learned by one of the country’s top integrative medicine docs, just to make sure that everything worked — and was safe. The end result is one of the most comprehensive and essential collections of natural solutions around.

  • The All-Purpose Kitchen Remedy Natural Experts Swear By!

    Inside one of your kitchen cabinets sits a powerful natural remedy: apple cider vinegar. It can soothe headaches, quench sunburn, stop heartburn, clear up acne, lighten age spots, and so much more!

  • Can’t Slim Down? These Common Foods Might Be Wrecking Your Metabolism!

    Discover a simple test to determine if one of these foods is standing between you and the body you want.

  • Yes, Dessert Can Keep Blood Pressure From Rising!

    You’ll love this remedy. Try eating dark chocolate after meals and you can help prevent high blood pressure!

Eat dark chocolate to help prevent high blood pressure

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15 Smoothies That Heal

Yes, you really can sip your way to whole-body health. The 15 recipes in this guide will show you how. Whether you want to cleanse toxins from your body, build strong bones, soothe pain, or supercharge your energy levels, we’ve got a delicious smoothie for you. All you need is a blender. This 15-recipe guide comes free with your purchase of The Doctors Book of Natural Healing Remedies.

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The Doctors Book of Natural Healing Remedies & Your Free Gift!The Doctors Book of Natural Healing Remedies & Your Free Gift!

Learn How to Treat These Common Conditions

  • Back & Knee Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stubborn Body Fat
  • Allergies
  • Colds and Flu
  • Hair Loss
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Leaky Gut
  • Sciatica
  • Bladder Leaks
  • Snoring
  • Wrinkles
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