Hollywood Superheroes Owe Their
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Training Program Now!
These Training Secrets Will Transform Your Body
In SUPERHERO SHRED, a new video workout program from Men’s Health, Don Saladino reveals the behind–the–scenes techniques used by Hollywood stars. Spend only 30 minutes a day with Saladino and you can get ...
Strong, cut arms!
Chiseled abs!
Sculpted shoulders!
A massive chest!
Athletic speed and power!
Demolish Fat.
Get Chiseled.
Feel Indestructible.
Demolish Fat. Get Chiseled.
Feel Indestructible.
Don Saladino is one of the most in-demand and respected trainers in the business. For over 20 years, he has transformed actors, athletes, and celebrities — and is known as the man behind the bodies in your favorite superhero blockbusters.
All you need to transform into a Superhero: this program and a set of dumbbells.
Circuits and supersets hit every muscle in each workout so you build indestructible strength and demolish fat in record time.
Multi-directional movements help you dominate your buddies on the court, field, or course with power, agility, and balance.
Finish every workout with carry variations that truly take your body to the next level. This is Saladino’s rapid transformation secret.
Superhero Shred
One killer program. Two ways to get shredded. Get the DVD or download the app.
Includes five 30-minute workouts,
plus a workout planner with:
  • A 28-day plan that shows you how to schedule your workouts
  • A cheat sheet of the exact moves Saladino uses to crush each muscle group
  • Five secrets Saladino’s celebrity clients swear by for bulking-up fast for the big screen
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