Halt Chronic Inflammation and Heal More Than 45 Diseases!

Discover how reversing this one condition is the key to helping you:

  • Reverse Diabetes
  • Heal Arthritis
  • Lose Weight
  • Halt Heart Disease
  • Banish Joint Pain
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Solve Autoimmune Diseases

Reverse the Root Cause of Chronic Disease (No Prescription Required)

Fortunately, you can reverse chronic inflammation on your own. No doctor’s visit or prescription is required.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of a whole range of diseases and tough-to-solve conditions, but knowing that simple fact gives you a single-source way to reverse disease and stay healthy. Now a breakthrough new program by Dr. Cory Kirshner shows you precisely how to reverse chronic inflammation naturally on your own. No doctor’s visit or prescription is required. It’s a revolutionary new program called The Whole Body Cure.

Based on the latest scientific research, this breakthrough natural program can help you:

  • Reverse or prevent 8 out of 10 leading causes of death
  • Banish pain and halt other nagging health symptoms
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Slow the aging process

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a normal part of your body’s immune system. It’s your body’s brilliant, all-natural way of fending off invaders, repairing damage, and healing itself. We absolutely want this kind of immune response to occur as often as it needs to. We quite literally couldn’t live without it.

But we also want inflammation to switch off when the threat subsides. When your body is in a state of chronic or long-term inflammation, your body’s inflammatory systems start to attack otherwise healthy parts of your body. This causes many different tough-to-solve health symptoms.

How Inflammation Works Inside Your Body

Normal Inflammation

Normal Inflammation

In the illustrations above, inflammation is helping heal a paper cut to a finger. Inflammation is fighting germs and helping heal the skin.

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation

But when inflammation continues long term, it attacks otherwise healthy organs and tissues, causing everything from heart attacks to cancer.

Discover the ONE Simple, Natural Solution That Can Help You …

  • BANISH BELLY FAT: Discover how making your body’s inflammatory processes work for you instead of against you is the secret to losing weight for good.
  • Stop Heart Attacks BEFORE They Start: The main culprit in cardiovascular disease is inflammation, not cholesterol. Learn how to reduce inflammation in your heart and arteries using natural foods and easy lifestyle changes.
  • Reverse Diabetes Naturally: Discover how some people with diabetes completely eliminated their need for insulin and other diabetes drugs.
  • Sharpen Your Memory: Revitalize your brain and halt your risk of Alzheimer’s with delicious anti-inflammatory foods.
  • FIGHT CANCER: Inflammation is associated with up to 90% of cancers. You’ll see how to use anti-inflammatory foods loaded with literally hundreds of natural cancer-fighting compounds.
  • DOUBLE Your Odds of a Long, Healthy Life: Keep inflammation low and you are much more likely to stay independent, keep your mind and memory sharp, stay active, and live longer, according to a large medical study.
  • Solve Mysterious Autoimmune Diseases: Thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are just a few of more than 80 autoimmune conditions. Discover how to eliminate the root causes that could be keeping you sick and inflamed.

Discover the Secret of These AMAZING Health Turnarounds!

25 Pounds and 12 Inches GONE!

“I lost more than 25 pounds over the 12 weeks, as well as 12 inches, mostly from my waist and hips.”

Age 60


Arthritis Pain REVERSED in 3 Weeks!

“[My] arthritis had gotten to the point that my hands constantly ached. … But in less than 3 weeks [on The Whole Body Cure], my hands didn’t hurt and they were visibly smaller.”

Age 55


Healthier Cholesterol Level without Drugs!

“My cholesterol dropped 52 points, and I lost 12 pounds!”

Age 55


Although no one can guarantee results, multiple medical and university studies have shown the link between foods and their ability to alleviate these and various other conditions and diseases. A typical person who follows the plan described in The Whole Body Cure should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Discover Healing Superfoods with Medicine-Like Effects to Reduce Inflammation

Turmeric Quick Tip

Relieve Pain and Inflammation Deliciously with TURMERIC

Turmeric is a flavorful spice with medicine-like effects. The spice contains a powerful anti-inflammatory called curcumin. A review of 15 studies on arthritis patients showed that curcumin significantly increased pain-free walking time and decreased the need for pain medication. What’s more: Research shows that when you combine curcumin with another delicious spice, you can boost your body’s ability to absorb it by 2,000%! See page 52.

Cherry Quick Tip

The Delicious Arthritis-Fighting Fruit

This fruit is loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients that have medicine-like effects to reduce pain and stiffness. Even better, it’s delicious. It’s a cherry. Cherries are proven inflammation fighters that have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and relieve muscle soreness. One variety offers even more pain-relieving power. Consume cherries the right way and you'll get even more relief. See page 102.

Olive Oil Quick Tip

Lower Your Blood Pressure Deliciously with OLIVE OIL

Olive oil is rich in a healing nutrient called oleocanthal. Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory powers similar to ibuprofen’s. A study showed that people who replaced their regular cooking oils with olive oil for 3 months enjoyed significantly lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol. Get details on the special type of olive oil used in the study on page 52.

Meet Dr. Corey Kirshner and Discover a New Revolution in Healing

For more than 30 years, Dr. Corey Kirshner has been helping patients reverse chronic diseases even when nothing else seemed to help. In this special report, you’ll see Dr. Kirshner’s breakthrough new program and meet some of his patients and test panel participants who are living proof of the life-changing results.

Dr. Corey Kirshner

Bonus Cookbook Section Features 60+ Scrumptious, Easy-to-Make Recipes to Reverse Inflammation DELICIOUSLY!

The Whole Body Cure food plan shows you exactly how to eat to lower inflammation and maintain whole-body health for the rest of your life.

These recipes are a delicious remedy to reverse chronic inflammation. Enjoy these delightful meals and get ready to feel better than you have in many years! Discover tasty, easy-to-make recipes your whole family will love, such as:

  • Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Herb-Crusted Salmon
  • Mustard Cod with Roasted Vegetables
  • Lamb Kabobs with Mushrooms and Tomatoes
  • And Many More!

Reverse Chronic Inflammation with Qigong!

Qigong: The Ancient Healing Technique Proven by Modern Science

Qigong is a powerful way to reverse chronic inflammation and feel great every day!

Developed nearly 5,000 years ago in China, qigong is a technique for enhancing your life force and vitality. Its healing benefits have been documented in numerous medical research studies.

Qigong uses a variety of gentle flowing movements and breathing methods. It’s a form of moving meditation that calms the mind, restores the body, and enhances the spirit.

On this FREE DVD, expert qigong instructor Hilary Smith, RN, CFT, shows you exactly how to do these easy, yet amazingly powerful, healing movements.

Discover the Breakthrough Natural Way to Lose Weight, Banish Pain & Reverse More Than 45 Chronic Diseases!

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