Eat Up to 7x a Day.
Quit Counting Calories!

Women Swear By This Approach

“You really can eat more, fill your plate, and weigh less. I'm living proof.”
Age 42

“I can't believe I got my pre-baby body back in just 6 months. I'm never hungry and my energy levels are better than ever!”
Age 43

Enjoy your favorite foods without guilt!

*A typical person who combines a healthy diet and exercise plan, like the one found in Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight, can expect a safe and healthy weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

You'll Forget You're on a Diet!

It's Seriously That Filling

On Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight, a new 21-day weight loss plan from Prevention, you'll never skip a meal. It includes substantial portions and the perfect balance of carbs (yes, carbs!), protein, and fat. End result: satisfaction and energy go up while cravings and hunger go down.

Fill Your Plate – All Day Long!

Discover how hearty portions can defeat hunger and crank up fat burning.

Have Protein With Every Meal

Studies show that protein does the best job of suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Graze for 12 Hours a Day

This plan recommends 3 meals and 1 to 4 snacks a day. By eating more frequently, you'll keep blood sugar steady.

It Even Works if You're Over 40!

When most women hit their 40s, they start shrinking portions and skipping meals. But that just makes things worse, says Sarah Mirkin, R.D.N, the celebrity nutritionist who created the Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight  21-day plan. She's in her 40s – and so are dozens of her clients.

That's how Mirkin knows you can eat more to lose more – after 40. This approach has worked for her as well as her clients.

“My clients are shocked when they fill their plates and the scale finally starts moving in the right direction,” Mirkin says.

You'll Eat Hearty Meals & Snacks All Day Long!

If you're fed up with diets that leave you dreaming about the foods on your "bad" list, you're going to love every bite of this new 21-day plan. Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight, is packed with nourishing, yummy, super-filling meals.

Start the 21-Day Plan Today!

All of This for Less Than
What You'd Pay for a Dinner Out!

The Fill Your Plate, Lose the Weight, 21-day plan gives you everything you need to finally achieve lasting success. Follow the detailed menus or create customized meals with Sarah Mirkin's simple meal-building formula. It's your choice.

  • 50+ easy meal suggestions
  • 25+ restaurant options
  • 20+ protein-packed recipes
  • Ultra-simple DIY meal builder
  • Convenient shopping lists
  • And so much more!

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