10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners

The Ultimate 10‑Minute Cross‑Training Workouts for Runners!

  • Stronger arms for faster feet over the long haul!
  • Rock-hard abs to support perfect form!
  • Increased mobility to relieve tight hips and glutes!

Run stronger and faster — with fewer injuries — in just 10 minutes!

Runners who want to build speed and endurance need more than just intervals and long runs. They need strength, mobility, flexibility, and stability training. Adding this extra work to a runner's busy schedule might sound like a tough task, but it's not, thanks to 10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners! These workouts are excuse-proof: They require minimal time, space, and equipment. Yes, the payoff is huge: increased running speed and endurance and reduced injury risk.

All you need is 10 minutes a couple of times a week and you can become stronger and faster in just a few weeks!

Jay Cardiello

Meet Your Trainer

10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners was developed especially for Runner’s World by Jay Cardiello, a renowned strength and conditioning coach who has worked with professional sports teams and celebrities!

Jay is also a dedicated runner and was part of the 1995 Arkansas Razorback Track & Field Team that won the Division 1 National Championship. He overcame a potentially career-ending spinal injury using exercises similar to those demonstrated in 10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners.

Five 10-Minute Proven-Effective Workouts for Runners!!

The 10‑Minute Cross‑Training Workouts for Runners program can help improve your running with FIVE muscle-building routines:

Chisel Athletic Arms: Tone your biceps and triceps while strengthening your shoulders 360 degrees. Stronger arms lead to better balance and posture, especially as you approach that finish line.

Build a Rock-Solid Core (and Great Looking Abs): Build up your hip flexors and core so you can maintain good form while pushing your body farther and faster!

Strengthen Your Hips & Glutes: Forge a backside of steel with this quick hip- and glute-strengthening routine. A stronger rear leads to quicker foot speed and faster running.

Unlock Tight Muscles: Stretch and repair your hip flexors, quads, Achilles tendons, and other tight spots to enhance your range of motion and stay injury-free.

Bulletproof Your Lower Body: Strengthening your quads, hamstrings, and core is key to improving your stability — a crucial component for staying upright when running on uneven roads and trails.

Discover how to get faster and stronger and stay injury-free in just 10 minutes!

10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners

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