• FIRE UP Your Metabolism!
  • TONE Your Entire Body!
  • LOSE 3x More Weight!

Learn How to Run the Right Way and

burn 3x more fat!

Runner’s World’s all new Run for Abs program shows you how to run the right way. It showcases three key workouts that can help you:

  • Torch 3 X More Belly Fat!

    In one study, participants who did workouts similar to the ones in Run for Abs lost 3 times more belly fat than did exercisers who did their usual workouts.

  • Get Whole Body Strong!

    The Run for Abs workouts will help you to strengthen more than just your abs. You’ll firm your legs, arms and entire core.

  • Increase Your Speed!

    The mixture of workouts will help you to add power to every step and improve your running economy — the ability to use less oxygen at the same pace — by as much as 4 percent, according to a review of studies.

  • Prevent Injuries!

    With the Run for Abs strength sequence, you’ll be able to build a powerful core so you can prevent knee problems, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, and a wide range of other injuries.

  • Stay Healthy!

    Workouts like the ones in Run for Abs have been shown to drop systolic blood pressure (the top number) by 6 points after just one session in people with hypertension.

  • LOVE Running!

    The unique mix of workouts will keep your mind engaged, allowing you to look forward to each run.


When you run less, you have more time to recover. When you have more time to recover, you open the door to a lot more intensity, which is your #1 secret weapon in your quest to defeat ab flab.

The Run for Abs 6-week plan shows you how. Developed by Rachel Cosgrove, a performance coach, Ironman triathlete, and 2012 personal trainer of the year, this comprehensive running system includes three key components:

  • Shorter Runs

    You’ll pack a whole lot of burn into just a few miles.

  • More Days Off

    Run for Abs is incredibly intense, which requires more recovery. By taking more days off, you’ll be able to give each workout every ounce of perspiration.

  • Highly Efficient Workouts

    Each week includes killer hill, speed, and strength training sessions.

Fight Fat with Food!

Research has uncovered six nutrients that can help you to slay belly fat.

We call these the 6 Belly Fat Fighters, and Run for Abs includes more than 30 menu options that showcase them. Whether you’re looking for a recovery smoothie after a tough session or a savory treat to get you through the afternoon, we’ve got you covered. The Run for Abs workouts and menus give you everything you need to run off weight — for good.

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