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There comes a time in every man’s life where he thinks, This is it. This is my last chance to get it together and get back in shape again. And the longer I wait, the fatter I’ll get, and the harder it’ll be.

That’s why it’s NOW or NEVER for you.

The good news is that the answer is finally available for you today.

All you need are the cutting-edge, high-intensity workouts in the new Men’s Health book Maximus Body to pack on serious muscle and SHED stubborn belly fat faster than ever.

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Bobby's Law: If the bar isn't bending, there isn't enough weight on it.

The Fitness industry is full of bald-faced lies promising easy results in just minutes per day, and it’s tricked you into wasting hundreds — maybe even thousands — of dollars on these false promises. Supplements, cardio machines, and 4-minute workouts aren’t getting you ripped and muscular. And they’re not going to.

If you really want to get back in shape for your kids, your partner, your health, your performance, your self-respect, and your sex drive, then you need to make a real commitment, and you need to do the work. That’s what Maximus Body is all about.

Bobby Maximus

Shred your body, build serious strength, and become unstoppably fit

Bobby Maximus, author of Maximus Body, is a former UFC® fighter and today is known as the world’s best body transformation coach, helping movie stars become superheroes and showing regular, everyday busy guys how to get fit, ripped, and muscular using his fast and effective workouts.

Bobby Maximus is the head trainer at the gym that brought you the legendary 300 Workout (used to train the shredded actors in the movie 300). In Maximus Body Bobby has created 19 new Maximum Fitness Workout Challenges for you that make the 300 Workout look like a warmup!

You’ll soon be the fittest man in your gym, on your team, and in your neighborhood. There’s nothing else in the fitness industry like this program — as you’ll soon see for yourself.

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You’re more capable than you ever imagined.


“It’s not about how bad you want it; it’s about how bad you are willing to work to get it,” Bobby says.

When you get mentally stronger, you get physically stronger. Your success and body transformation begin with your mind — the most important “muscle” of them all.

As your mind and body transform, you’ll become a better dad, a better boss, a better lover, and a better man.

Your road to six-pack abs and superhero fitness begins here.

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Drop Stubborn Belly Fat while Gaining Muscle Like Never Before

with these incredible workouts from Men’s Health’s top trainer, Bobby Maximus

The Ultimate Warmup

The Ultimate Warmup

Be fully prepared to maximize every rep in every workout.

Upper-Body Holy Trinity Circuit

Upper-Body Holy Trinity Circuit

Build big arms and rock-hard pecs and abs.

12-Round Muscle Crusher

12-Round Muscle Crusher

Incinerate fat and elevate your postworkout metabolism.

Legs-to-Jelly Circuit

Legs-to-Jelly Circuit

Burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

New School Cardio and Abs

New School Cardio and Abs

Get a shredded set of six-pack abs.

Pack On Massive Muscle and Get Shredded Naturally with the Maximus Body Method

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You’ll discover how to

Eat like a man while getting ripped & Jacked

“A burger a day keeps the doctor away.” — Bobby Maximus

The Maximus Body diet boosts natural testosterone production, making it easier for you to gain muscle and shed fat.

“A burger a day keeps the doctor away,” Bobby Maximus says, and he’ll show you how to enjoy all of your favorite foods while getting the shredded abs, rock-hard chest, and big arms you desire and deserve.

This is the fitness wake-up call you’ve been looking for … the one workout program that is finally going to get you results after everything else has failed.


Not available anywhere else!

Maximus Body

What makes Maximus Body so different?

The man (Bobby Maximus), the plan (his 100 workouts), and your new belief that you can radically transform your body, thanks to these new intense programs that will get you working harder than you have ever worked before.

Get this book today and get the results you want. It’s that simple.

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