revolutionize the way you cook!

The Instant Flat Belly: Instant Pot® guide can transform the way you snack, eat, cook, and, yes, shrink your middle!  

This complete 21-day plan provides everything you need to cook up hearty, fuss-free meals in just the right portions for weight loss—every single time. It's created by health expert Patricia Gilroy, BA BSc.

fabulous Flat-Belly Suppers!

Once you learn how to use everyone's favorite kitchen tool—the Instant Pot®—you'll be able to whip up feel-good food ahead of time to crush cravings and hunger pangs anytime!

With your Instant Pot®, you can:

  • Pressure cook whole chickens!
  • Slow cook stews bursting with flavor!
  • Steam bright and colorful veggies!
  • Reheat your leftovers so they taste brand spankin' new!

Dive into juicy, tender, creamy food without having to count a single calorie. Yes, that's right. The Instant Flat Belly: Instant Pot® 21-day plan does all the counting for you.

21-days to a flat belly!

Instant Flat Belly: Instant Pot® is a 21-day guide that includes:

  • 40+ Delectable Recipes!
  • 3 Weeks' Worth of Menus!
  • Weekly Shopping Lists!
  • Complete Meal Prep Plan!

Plus, you'll get Instant Pot® hacks, meal prep tips, and lots of additional ways to boost your nutrition!

prep your way to a
flat belly today!

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