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The 2-Day Diet
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This weight loss breakthrough was discovered by medical trials in Great Britain, and similar tests confirmed the awesome results. Yes, people on a 2-day-a-week diet plan lost nearly twice the pounds as those following a strict diet every single day of the week, week after week.

And those who dieted just 2 days a week did not even count calories, while the every-day dieters followed a strict 1,500-calorie-a-day diet!

By cutting out just a handful of foods, the successful group gave their metabolism a terrific boost and the fat “melted” away!

Better-for-You Results than Belly Liposuction!

Many people concerned about the appearance of their bellies opt for liposuction to sculpt them into a more attractive shape.

In fact, The 2-Day Diet gives far better-for-you results than liposuction!

For one thing, abdominal “lipo” trims inches only from the waistline — an average of 2 or 3 inches per treatment, according to a plastic surgeon. The people who tried The 2-Day Diet slimmed their waists, on average, 3.6 inches but also trimmed their hips, chest, upper arms, and thighs. On average, they lost 10.2 inches additional inches from these sites — in just 6 weeks!

Even more important, a major study of people who had “high-volume” liposuction — they had lots of fat surgically removed — found that liposuction did nothing whatsoever to improve their protection against diabetes and heart disease!

Thrilling Health Results with
The 2-Day Diet!

In contrast to liposuction, the doctors emphasize, even when a more modest amount of fat is lost through natural means, there are very important improvements in key health indicators.

Certainly, that is true with The 2-Day Diet. Look at the results of our volunteers:

  • Nearly three out of four dropped their LDL cholesterol, helping protect against heart attack and stroke.
  • Two out of three lowered their blood pressure, slashing their risk of stroke, heart attack, impaired circulation, and hardening of the arteries.
  • 44% lowered their fasting blood sugar, a sign that your body is processing blood sugar more efficiently, cutting your risk for diabetes and more!
  • 100% of panelists reduced their waist size, meaning they had less deep abdominal fat and less risk of diabetes, heart disease, and more.

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...and Stay Slim After Losing Pounds!

Patients who had been following a diet plan based on the principles of The 2-Day Diet ended their program after losing weight. But the doctors asked them to use the same idea for just one day a week, in hopes that it might help them avoid the all-too-common weight regain syndrome.

To the doctors’ great surprise…

They Kept Losing Weight Dieting One Day a Week!

Imagine a diet so effective that it peels off pounds while you eat more carefully just one day a week!

After you‘ve done the 6-week plan, you can follow this same one-day strategy yourself to trim a few more pounds, or employ it if your weight begins creeping up and you want to reverse the trend.

It’s good to know you can have this little “insurance plan” after dropping serious pounds. If that appeals to you, act now for your FREE-preview copy of The 2-Day Diet. CLICK HERE!

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