The ALL-NEW Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle is designed to help you:

Build Bigger,

Broader Shoulders!



Your Chest, Legs & Back!



Body Fat into Single Digits!

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The Men's Health Encyclopedia of Muscle explains over 50 techniques from Drop Sets, to Tabata Protocol, to Wave Loading.

Get the German Body Comp Workout

that's known to shred men's bodies like no other.

Discover the 8 resistance band exercises

that can chisel your body better than dumbbells!

Try the killer two-exercise workout

Warning: even the fittest guys will be put to the test.

Learn how to organize your workouts

to get as big as possible — without burning out!

But to build an incredible physique, you'll need a few more tools.

That's why we also included…

  • 40 complete workouts to start your fitness journey immediately!
  • A big-muscle nutrition guide that tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it.
  • Insider training secrets from America's top gyms! Hear from the trainers themselves.
  • Plus so much more!

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