Reset Your Hormones & Blast Belly Fat!

Boost your metabolism and promote fat burning with 3 simple switches

We’re excited to present The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet, a whole new way of thinking about weight loss. No more yo-yo diets. No more starving yourself. No more feelings of guilt.

  • Take advantage of your body’s natural hormone bursts to burn more calories, reduce sugar cravings, and optimize your 24-hour cycle so you burn belly fat even while you sleep.
  • Eat tasty, satisfying meals crafted by a certified dietitian. No food is off-limits! Unlock the secret of “mindful eating,” and you’ll enjoy food like never before.
  • Learn how to time meals for maximum weight loss. Switch off hunger hormones and switch on appetite-suppressing hormones. When you work with your body’s natural cycle — not against it — you’ll be amazed at how good it feels to get off the diet roller coaster once and for all.

Switch on a Whole New You!

Finally, weight loss that’s simple and lasting.

In just 6 weeks, the program in The Women's Health Body Clock Diet can help you:

  • LOSE WEIGHT and feel great
  • EAT ANYTHING you desire, mindfully
  • INCREASE your metabolism to help burn more calories
  • REVERSE unhealthy habits
  • OVERCOME stress
  • REDUCE your waist circumference
  • BE HAPPY with the person you are now

Did you know?

Surprising new findings on weight loss

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  1. T
    Weight loss is all about choosing good foods and limiting bad ones.

    FALSE! Food isn’t a value judgment. It’s just food. And any food can fit into your healthy, slimming diet.

  2. T
    Metabolism is genetic: Some people are just born lucky!

    FALSE! Your actions have a huge impact on your metabolism. For example, fad diets can slow you down into starvation mode. But resetting your body clock can really rev up your metabolism. Your engine burns hotter all the time — and the pounds melt away.

  3. T
    For a quick weight loss boost, you should get up early for a predawn run.

    FALSE! Exercise is important, but so is getting enough sleep! In fact, scientists are learning that having a consistent sleep schedule can actually help you lose weight. The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet will show you how to get the refreshing sleep your body needs.

  4. T
    Body Mass Index is the gold standard for measuring health and weight.

    FALSE! Obsessing about your weight and BMI may actually be making it harder to lose weight! A better method is the 10-second string test on page 13 of The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet.

  5. T
    When, how, and why you eat can be more important than what you eat.

    TRUE! Reset your body clock so it’s in tune with your circadian rhythms and hormonal patterns and you’ll find that weight loss is gradual, natural, and sustainable.


There’s a cookbook hiding inside Women’s Health Body Clock Diet, with tantalizing, easy-to-prepare meals to get your body clock in sync — so you lose weight and keep it off!

Try our delicious Turkey Chili. ▸
Know Yourself!

For lifelong weight loss, you need to understand when and why you eat, not just what you eat. Mindful Meal Log, your free gift when you preview Women’s Health Body Clock Diet, makes it so easy. No more unhealthy food cravings!

Shake It Off!

You’ll find 8 full-body fat-blasting workouts to get your heart pumping and your muscles toned. They're customizable to your current fitness level and crazy schedule!

And there’s so much more! You need to experience it for yourself! Say yes to your 21-day free preview — and a whole new ’tude toward food!


Meet the Author

The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet was written by respected dietitian, clinical nutritionist, and certified eating disorder specialist Laura Cipullo. You probably know her from her many appearances on television and in the pages of Women’s Health magazine. Her life's work is showing women just like you how to love their bodies again. Click here to try her book FREE for 21 Days!

THE BODY CLOCK SECRET: 3 Simple Buttons for a Whole New YOU!

  • SLEEP DEEP — and wake up refreshed!
  • LOVE WHAT YOU EAT — and eat what you love!
  • BANISH STRESS and unhealthy cravings!
  • Have tons of ENERGY!
  • Feel fat BURN AWAY!
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