Men's Health Boot Camp Workout
Men's Health Boot Camp Workout

The Kick-Ass Boot Camp Workouts That Will Destroy Your Spare Tire

No equipment required.

If you want to be lean, fit, strong, athletic, and ripped, then you need a combo of cardio, strength, and isometrics in your life.

So what if you could pack all those components into a single 30-minute workout?

The Men’s Health Boot Camp Workout does just that. It consists of six 30-minute workouts. Each workout utilizes a different combination of cardio, strength, and isometric holds to keep your muscle guessing — which means more fat searing and muscle building.

By the end of the workout, you’ll have challenged your muscles and lungs, broken a sweat, torched calories, and made your muscles quake.

Get Results FAST!

This is the ultimate workout to squeeze more fat-destroying, calorie-burning, muscle-chiseling WORK than ever into just 30 minutes

Research shows that if you lay it all out during boot camp - style workouts, you can burn up to 500 calories by the end of each session.

Work more muscle!

Burn more calories!

Torch more Fat!

Want another reason to get started? Full-body strength and cardio workouts like you’ll find in the Men’s Health Boot Camp Workout increase your metabolism even after your last rep so you’ll continue burning hundreds of calories ... even when you’re asleep.

Gideon Akande



As a Golden Gloves® champion boxer, former collegiate Division I running back, and winner of Men’s Health Next Top Trainer, Gideon Akande knows the kind of intensity it takes to succeed.

And now he’s bringing the Men’s Health Boot Camp Workout to you, sharing the fitness methods and training mentality that helped him achieve stardom — and the chiseled physique that’s the embodiment of the word ripped!

Created by Gideon, this innovative program will help you:

Get Fit and Look Great

Choose from six 30-minute cardio and total-body strength-training workouts designed to torch calories, boost metabolism, and build muscle.

  • 30-minute workouts four times a week
  • Maximize lean muscle growth with rest and recovery days
  • No equipment required work out anywhere

Start The Men’s Health Boot Camp Workout now!

Men's Health Boot Camp Workout

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