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Slim, trim, and tone with yoga. Yes, yoga!

Here at Prevention, we love yoga. We love how it makes you look and feel. We love how it boosts your energy and erases stress. And we REALLY love how you can get a flat, sexy belly without doing a single crunch.

Learn how to make all the right yoga moves for the tight and toned tummy you've always wanted with Flat Belly Yoga! No-Crunch Workout. The quick routines are gentle and easy to learn, but they can blast away belly fat like crazy! You can finally get the slim, sexy belly you've always wanted from a mood-lifting, energy-boosting workout that's fun and gym-free.

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Meet your new personal trainer, Kimberly Fowler, “godmother of the hybrid yoga movement.”


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Eat Clean, Get Lean: Think you’re too busy to eat a healthy snack? Think again! You can put together a tasty treat in just 5 minutes or less. This exclusive recipe collection makes it so deliciously simple! And best of all, these snacks fit perfectly into your sensible Flat Belly! eating plan.

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